Whether you are going on a city trip for a couple of days or a vacation for a few weeks, you most likely want to be well prepared for it. Each trip requires you to pack in a different way. However, some accessories are very handy to take with you on every journey you are going on.

6 accessories for every recreational trip
Here are 6 accessories suited for every recreational trip

1. Samsonite Lite DLX beauty case

Accessories: Samsonite Lite DLX beauty case
Luxurious beauty case made with soft touch fabric that is water and dirt resistant

Every women needs an elegant and eye-catching beauty case when packing her belongings for a trip. The first product on our list of accessories, the Lite DLX by Samsonite offers exactly that.

This luxury bag is made of soft touch material and comes with sophisticated details, like leather handles. Due to its wide opening the beauty case can be accessed with ease.

Smaller items can be stored in the pockets within the case. Another reason why this beauty case is suited for every recreational trip is because of its resistance to water and dirt.

Wherever you are traveling, this beauty case will keep its shine!


2. Dakine Diplomat wallet

Accessories: Dakine Diplomat wallet
Firm and practical wallet that has transparent pockets for your ID card

During your travels you will need to use your wallet in a lot of situations. Hence, you want to bring along a wallet that is sturdy and easy to use. This brings us to the second item on the list of accessories.

The Diplomat wallet by Dakine is a very roomy wallet that is specifically suited for traveling and sports. It can be easily opened and closed with its Velcro closure.

The Diplomat has plenty of space for cards and bank notes. Besides, there are pockets with a transparent surface in this wallet in which you can place your ID card.

This practical and sporty wallet is perfect for every trip you make!


3. Calvin Klein Edge cosmetic pouch

Accessories: Calvin Klein Edge cosmetic pouch
Leather cosmetic pouch with spacious lined internal

When going on a trip, no woman wants to lose any of her cosmetic products. With a small bag in which you can organize your make up and skincare items you can completely avoid this problem. The Edge by Calvin Klein is the perfect pouch for this.

The pouch has a chunky zip which opens up a roomy lined internal with enough space for your cosmetic essentials. The make up bag is made up of leather-look PU with a pebbled effect.

With this pouch as one of your accessories you are assured of an organized collection of your cosmetic items wherever you are traveling!


4. American Tourister Herolite toilet kit

Accessories: American Tourister Herolite toilet kit
Practical and spacious toiletry bag that is water resistant

Of course, men also need accessories to store their cosmetic items in. The Herolite toilet kit by American Tourister is a unisex toiletry bag which is very functional and roomy.

It is the most lightweight product American Tourister has ever manufactured, which makes it ideal for every trip! With several small pockets you are able to organize your items very well.

The toilet kit is water resistant, so whatever weather conditions you are traveling through, your products will remain dry.

If you store liquids in an isolated pocket, the water resistant coating will also prevent anything from leaking throughout your entire kit. Especially handy when you are up for some bumpy rides through exotic places!


5. Samsonite US Air Tr. 3 combi lock

Accessories: Samsonite US Air Tr. 3 combi lock
Distinctive three digit combi lock (TSA compliant)

A key product to ensure safe travels! With this three digit combi lock by Samsonite you can easily secure your luggage.

This lock is TSA compliant, meaning that your lock will not have to be forced open when traveling to the US. The US customs have a general TSA key with which they can open up this lock when your bag gets picked for a random luggage check.

The lock also makes it easier for you to identify your luggage. Even if you are waiting to retrieve your checked luggage at one of those crowded conveyor belts, you will be able to find your bag a lot quicker due to this distinctive lock!


6. Dakine Revival Kit M travel kit

Accessories: Dakine Revival Kit M travel kit
Handy travel kit with removable plastic pocket for liquids

It does not matter where you are going. With the Revival Kit by Dakine you are ready to go wherever you like.

It will have enough space for all of your cosmetic items. The kit comes with a removable plastic compartment that is TSA compliant (in case you travel to the US) which is perfect for all of your liquid products. This eases your trip every time you go through security on an airport.

Thanks to the functional design you can easily hang up your toilet kit everywhere. From hotel bedroom to tent, your Revival Kit is ready for every scenario!


There you have it! The 6 accessories suited for every recreational trip. With the help of these functional items you can certainly be well prepared and organized for your dream trip or vacation!

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