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They say there are three things you can never have enough of, in life: chocolate, shoes and cats. But as a women, you know that bags should be on this list as well, as there’s no such thing as too many bags, or too many shoes in your wardrobe.

But what should we do when space or budget is limited? The best answer is to stick to the basics, and invest in these 6 essential types of bags for women.


As its name implies, this small purse is designed for carrying coins. The oldest coin purse dates from 3,300 BC, and was owned by… Otzi the Iceman! Egyptians also owned coin purses, but the hieroglyphs suggest in that area the purses were worn around the waist, so they were the equivalent of our waist bags. In Europe, the embroidery and quality of the bag showed the social status of the owner.

Although nowadays coin purses are worn mostly by women, in the 15th century they were a common accessory for men and women alike. Finely embroidered and decorated with love stories in golden tones, these purses were often offered by men to their brides.

Here are our recommended coin purses, available in Samdam Retail‘s online shop:


A good shoulder bag is a must have for any lady, as it’s one of the most versatile types of bags, and can serve as accessory for casual, sport, office or elegant outfits. This type of bag for women is perfect for those moments when convenience is preferred over design or style, as it leaves your hands free. When you go shopping, or you walk around with your kid, or you need your hands free for your phone and coffee cup, the shoulder bag is the ideal accessory.

Shoulder bags come in all shapes and sizes, but the most practical ones are the shopper-like models, which provide enough space for your electronic gadgets, agenda, beauty essentials and small items you purchase while out and about.

Here are some recommendations from our online store, for different styles:


Just like men love messenger bags with separate laptop compartments, women appreciate a nicely crafted shoulder bag with padded laptop sleeve. The multifunctional laptop bags are perfect for business women who travel frequently or have to carry their electronic gadgets with them when meeting with clients.

Laptop bags feature a cushioned compartment for laptop, and in most cases have smaller pockets for smartphones, writing tools, keys and coins, to keep everything organized. Unlike classic messenger bags, which are larger and not so stylish, lady laptop bags can be extremely elegant – just take a look at the Castelijn & Beerens laptop bags below!


Duffel bags are larger than the previously described types of bags women should invest in, but they’re extremely useful for trips, as they’re usually small enough to be taken on board of the airplane, and are lighter than wheeled carry-on luggage.

Duffel bags have the advantage of being more spacious, so they can accommodate larger amounts of items while traveling. Some are made of waterproof materials, and are suitable for adventure journeys, while others are more elegant and match a business outfit.

The bags are made of sturdy fabrics, and feature two top handles, with or without additional shoulder straps. Depending on the brand, you may also find wheeled duffel bags and laptop duffel bags, so there are plenty of options when it comes to this type of bag for women.

Given below are some duffel bags that can be purchased in our online store:


The clutch is a small handbag that is hold in your hand or under your armpit, and is included among the most fashionable types of bags for women, along with evening bags and minaudieres. Clutches are designed for carrying only the bare essentials, like credit cards, cash, a lipstick and a smartphone, and are usually fastened by an inside clasp or magnetic button. They come in various shapes and styles, and are strapless, being ideal for cocktail parties and girls nights out.

The clutch/smartphone from Castelijn & Beerens pictured below is a chic and practical accessory, perfect for both casual and elegant outfits.



The term “tote” means to carry, so it’s easy to guess what this type of bag for women is made for. Usually large and unfastened, the tote bag has parallel handles that emerge from the sides, is made of a thicker leather or sturdy cloth, and may have a thicker bottom. Commonly made of canvas, jute or nylon combination, totes can be casual or elegant, suitable for daily use or office trips.

Tote bags seem to originate in the 17th century, although the term was not used for bags until the 1940s. These bags for women appeared as a replacement for traditional luggage, which was heavier and not so comfortable to carry around. Tote bags entered the fashion culture in the 1950s, when women started to utilize such bags thanks to their practical character, and to the fact that these bags didn’t require too much maintenance.

During the 1960s, totes started to become more fashionable, and designers started to incorporate stylish details and to play with textures and colors, turning these items into beautiful and functional accessories for daily use. However, the real revolution of these bags began in 1990s, when Kate Spade transformed the way tote bags were perceived, and these items became a top choice for fashion lovers.

Below are some beautiful lady totes which can be purchased in our online store:

If none of these types of bags for women satisfies your needs, you may be interested in checking our Complete guide to bags and luggage, which integrates a beautiful visual guide to help you pick your preferred bag type easier.

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