Traveling overseas without your wallet? Forgot to take your boarding pass with you to the airport? Left your favorite pair of shoes at home? All these kinds of mistakes have probably been made before, even though they can be prevented very easily. You don’t want to forget anything on your trip either, do you? After reading this blog you won’t worry about forgetting anything at all as I will provide you with a complete packing list for your journey!

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It can be hard to have a good overview of the items you need to bring on a trip. There is so much stuff you have to think about. But where do you even start? That’s exactly what I will help you with by means of our travel packing list!

Step 1: primary luggage

The first step is to start thinking about the luggage you want to bring. Will you take a suitcase, travel bag or duffel bag?

Or do you want to avoid checking in luggage at an airport and travel light? Then you should consider only taking a backpack, business bag or any other type of carry-on bag.

In this blog the luggage is spread over checked and carry-on luggage. If you only want to take carry-on luggage with you, you should hold into account that some of the items in this list are restricted to checked luggage at airports. In that case you will not be able to take every item with you that is in our list.

Step 2: clothes

Once you have selected your primary luggage, you can go over all the items you want to bring with you on your travels. Let’s start with the packing list for clothing:

Item Item Item Item
Underwear Ties Umbrella (Sun)glasses
Socks Dresses Gloves Jewelry
Bras/undershirts Skirts Scarves Purses
Pajamas/sleepwear Pants/jeans Hats Laundry bag
T-shirts/tops Belt Flip flops/sandals Detergent
Long-sleeved shirts Shorts Casual shoes Sewing kit
Sweaters/hoodies Swimwear Hiking shoes
Dress shirts Coat/jacket Heels
Suits Rainwear Snow/rain boots

Step 3: toiletries

Now that you have got your clothes organized it’s time to pack your toiletry bag. For this you can use a toilet kit, cosmetic pouchbeauty case or makeup case.

Think about whether you want to pack your toiletry bag in your checked luggage or carry-on luggage. There are strict rules regarding liquid substances in your carry-on luggage. Here is the packing list for your toiletries:

Item Item Item Item
Toothbrush Shampoo Hand sanitizer Contact solution
Toothpaste Conditioner Sunscreen Tissues
Dental floss Hairspray Sunlotion Birth control
Mouthwash Hair gel Makeup Feminine hygiene
Hair brush/comb Beard oil Face wash Vitamin pills
Hair ties Shaver kit Makeup remover Medication
Barrettes Shaving cream Q-tips Bandages
Hair styling appl. Razors Moisturizer/lotion First aid kit
Small mirror Scissors Lip balm Painkillers
Deoderant Tweezers Lipstick Insect repellent
Cologne/perfume Nailclippers Lip gloss
Soap Nail file Contacts

Step 4: carry-on luggage

Now it’s time to pack your carry-on bag. As I mentioned before, as carry-on luggage you can use a backpack, business bag or any other bag that is small enough to be accepted. Read our blog about recommended dimensions for cabin luggage if you are not sure what the regulations are. For your carry-on bag you can use the following packing list:

Item Item Item Item
Mobile phone Travel pillow Passport/ID/visa Guidebooks
Laptop Earplugs Student card Lip balm
Tablet Eye mask Keys Tissues
E-reader Food/snacks Cash Travel games
Headphones/earbuds Chewing gum Credit/bank cards Reservation info
Camera Empty water bottle Insurance cards Hotel info
Memory card Flight medication Insurance papers Transportation info
Power bank Valuables Bank contacts Copies of cards
Chargers Paper & pen List of medications Spare clothes
Travel plug/adapter Books/magazines Emergency contacts (Sun)glasses
Travel blanket Wallet Maps/directions

Let’s sum it up

By using this packing list you will have everything you will need on your trip. Make sure you carefully go over every item, and make arrangements for your home if you are leaving for a long period of time.

Now that you have packed all your bags, you are ready to go! Your journey can finally begin.

Let me know if you think that I forgot something by leaving a comment!

Safe travels, everybody!

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