With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no time to waste if you didn’t book any destination yet. If you want to celebrate this day with your loved one in a memorable place, Europe has a lot to offer, so get ready to pack your bags and to discover the most romantic destinations on the Old Continent!


With its inevitable charm, Prague will quickly become your favorite romantic city in Europe. The twisty and shadowy cobbled streets, the old buildings with unique architecture, the bohemian gardens that surround the majestic Prague Castle, the soothing orchestra music that can be heard in the picturesque downtown, the discreet coffee shops and the baroque courtyard of the Strahov monastery are only some reasons to book a citybreak in Prague for Valentine’s Day.

This fascinating, storied city was once considered the most beautiful capital in the world, and referred to as the Golden City and the Crown of the World, so it’s not hard to see why Prague is the perfect scene for a contemporary fairy tale. If you need more inspiration, here’s a list of romantic activities to do in Prague.



If your head is full of romantic ideas and you want to surprise your significant other with more than a walk and a tasty dinner, Venice is the perfect place for lovers.

The mysterious passageways and stunning architecture, the Carnaval masks and costumes, the charming cobblestones, scenic canals and romantic gondolas, the mazelike alleys bathed in warm golden light and the grandeur of the old buildings reflecting the glory of the Venetian architecture will capture your heart and offer your a memorable and romantic getaway.

Visit the Grand Canal, the Palazzo Ducale, Basilica di San Marco and Gallerie dell’Accademia, explore the Italian cuisine and get lost in the narrow backstreets that thrive of mystery and awe. If you need inspiration, here’s a list of 10 romantic things to do in Venice this Valentine’s.

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One of the loveliest cities in Belgium, Bruges is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner, as you can wander the narrow streets and admire the delicate flowers and colorful buildings, discover the charming channels and learn about the city’s most picturesque places while taking a boat tour, or simply enjoy a romantic walk in the Minnewater park, where you can find the Lover’s Lake.

The medieval city center and the continuous ring of canals make it easy to understand why Bruges is compared to Venice. Climb the narrow staircase of the medieval Belfry bell tower that dominates the Markt Square and admire the sunset from there, go chocolate tasting and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a cozy cafe, or explore the maze of cobblestone streets at dusk to discover the old, hidden windmills.



The chandelier-lit cafes and picturesque gardens of Wien, along with the imperial palaces and horse-drawn carriages all speak the language of romance. Bathed in gold light, the city is most romantic by night, when the violin songs played by street artists and the winding cobblestone lanes create the scene for a dreamy experience. Take a walk in the oldest quarters of the city to admire the narrow, medieval streets and enjoy an atmospheric boat tour on the Danube in the evening.

Visit the whimsical gardens of the stunning Schonbrunn Palace, with dancing fountains and flowery parterres, and impress your partner with delicious handmade nougat bonbons and marzipan chocolate. Admire the old abbeys and chapels, visit the glamorous Opera house and find a quiet corner in one of the magical parks of this romantic European city.



Cozy and intimate, Lisbon is sprinkled in fairy dust, so if you’re dreaming about flowery landscaped gardens, stunning castles with ancient architecture and decadent manor houses, hidden cafes where fado music plays softly in the background or winding cobblestone streets with charming pastry shops, there’s no better place to experience all these than Lisbon.

For adventurous travelers, a helicopter sightseeing tour can create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable proposal, and for those who prefer classical fairy tales, a horse-drawn carriage ride on the streets adorned by enchanting parks. Discover the colorful architecture of the Portuguese buildings, enjoy a fine meal in a luxurious restaurant or have a glass of wine in a romantic, dimly lit bar – Lisbon won’t disappoint you.



Considered by many the most romantic city in Spain, Seville is another inspired choice for a memorable Valentine’s Day. The city of flamenco, bitter oranges and bullfights is home for the second largest cathedral in the world, and was the largest and richest city in Spain in the 17th century. A popular destination for tourists looking for a charm, history and ambience, Seville has all it takes for a romantic journey.

Step back in time and relax while walking down the winding streets of the magical old city, lined with orange trees and heavenly scented blossoms. Explore the museums, visit the large plazas, take a boat tour and treat yourself with delicious tapas while enjoying the slow rhythm of life in this romantic, ancient city. If you need more inspiration, here’s a list of activities for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day in Seville.



The setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona is one of the most romantic and loveliest cities in Italy, filled with delightful medieval palaces, ancient ruins, stunning churches with elegant architecture and winding streets packed with romance. Visit the House of Juliet and share a kiss with your loved one on the balcony or in the tiny courtyard, and don’t forget to attach a signed padlock to the gates.

Enjoy a candle-lit dinner and a walk in the seductive Renaissance gardens, and make time for an art exhibition, classical recital or poetry reading. Take a sunset stroll across the water from the town center and don’t miss the luscious wines produced in the historic vineyards that cling the hills around Verona. Have lunch in the market square, visit the awe-inspiring ampitheatre and spot a good gelateria for a sweet and refreshing ice cream in this romantic European city where love is in the air.



With its shimmering canals, colorful buildings and romantic ambiance, Amsterdam is a generous city for couples looking to reignite the spark with an unforgettable Valentine’s Day escape. Resembling an open air museum, this vibrating European city has magical scenery and offers plenty of ideas for a romantic bucket list. If it’s your first trip there, a cruise with a canal boat is an inspired choice for discovering the city, but you can also experience the picturesque Amsterdam while strolling down the lovely Vondelpark and exploring the lively streets.

One of the most visited cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam can be cozy and intimate, or spirited and wild. The stunning Koninklijk Theater Carre, which was built in 1894, crowns the River Amstel, reminding of the city’s impressive past. Take a walk along the river, or get away from the crowds and enjoy the quietness of the Amsterdamse Bos, an impressive park where you can find a marvelous goat farm.



A charming and romantic city, Strasbourg deserves to be on your list of destinations for Valentine’s Day not because it’s a French city, but because it has wonderful scenery, enchanting cobblestone streets, colorful ancient buildings and delightful places to have dinner with your love one. Expect to discover a fascinating city with a rich history, old cathedrals, tiny alleyways, cozy cafes and vibrant restaurants with live music.

You and your soulmate will surely enjoy the half-timbered houses, the winding streets, gentle canals and narrow bridges, the window boxes overflowing with flowers and the lively historical center of the town, a great place for celebrating love while enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.


10. ROME

When in Rome, walk in the footsteps of Romantic poets and discover the theatrical scenes of this beautiful European city while sharing a multi-hued sunset with your lover. Rome has  lively piazzas with beautiful fountains and grand monuments that are lit up at night, creating breathtaking and magical scenes; it has the Tevere river crossed by many bridges where lovers attach locks as tokens of their love, ancient and tranquil churches, beautiful columns, atmospheric parks and charming cafes, as well as fine restaurants for a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day.



Another beautiful city to create memories for a lifetime this Valentine’s Day is Stockholm, the “Venice of the North”. Enjoy an idyllic walk along the floating docks embellished with flowers or relax while listening to jazz music in one of the clubs with exotic gardens, located in the middle of the city.

The old town is a picturesque neighbourhood, perfect for wandering around at sunset, and if you’re staying for more days, the four islands of Fjaderholmarna, located near Stockholm, are a good choice for a romantic day trip. Cafes, restaurants and museums, amusement parks and chocolate factories, you can find them all in this beautiful Swedish city.



If you prefer small cities, the beautiful Colmar offers a stunningly beautiful and well preserved old town, with diverse architectural styles and historical buildings. Established in the 9th century, along the Lauch River, the French city looks like a fairy tale scene, ready to be explored by romantic couples on Valentine’s Day. Take a boat tour on the canals that cross the city, admire the traditional half-timbered houses decorated with flowers while getting lost on the narrow cobblestone streets, and delight your senses with the delicious food and wine served in the cozy restaurants and colorful cafes of this romantic European city.



If you’re not into fashionable destinations like Paris for Valentine’s Day, the lovely city of Gdansk is a hidden gem worth exploring with your partner. Full of cobbled streets and historic sights, beautiful architecture and violinists playing in the archways along the river, with a charming main square flooded in the warm light of the glowing street lamps, Gdansk is the perfect location for a weekend full of romance.



Last on our list of romantic European cities perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day is Dinan, which will capture your heart with its enchanting old town, splendid 13th-century buildings and quiet rue du Jerzual. Wander on the cobbled roads dotted with small art studios, picturesque cafes and traditional, half-timbered buildings decorated with colorful flowers, and make time to visit the Saint Sauveur Church and Chateau de Dinan. The fully fortified city, with its charming alleyways, has enough to offer for a romantic weekend.


Ready to start planning your Valentine’s Day escape? If you have other suggestions for couples looking for romantic cities in Europe, feel free to mention them in a comment below!

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