Castelijn & Beerens story

Castelijn & Beerens was founded in 1945 by two craftsmen, Walter Castelijn and Marinus Beerens. In the early years, the brand’s production was focused on handbags, belts, serviettes and schoolbags, which were produced from high quality leather, with a lot of attention to detail. The leather scraps were used for crafting wallets and watch straps.


As the brand’s production extended, other small leather goods like key cases, purses and agenda were added to the production line, the Castelijn & Beerens bags and accessories being known for their elegant designs, soft lines, classy colors and durability. Today, the company produces fashionable women’s bags and exclusive business bags, quality and uniqueness remaining the defining traits of the Castelijn & Beerens leather bags.