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Quick Overview

Gift Card

Features description

Samdam Gift Card features and benefits

  • ✓ Choose the desired value by yourself
  • ✓ You can buy it online anytime
  • ✓ You will received as soon as the payment processing is done
  • ✓ It is send as a unique code by e-mail
  • ✓ The person who receives your Gift Card can start to use it immediately
  • ✓ When inserted the value of the Gift Card is automatically deducted from the value of the order placed
  • ✓ The Samdam Gift Card can be applied only once
  • ✓ The Gift Card is available for six month from the day it was bought
  • ✓ The Gift Card can be applied to any product listed on www. Samdamretail.be


Minimum Value:  10 EUR

Maximum Value: 2000 EUR

Availability:          6 months

Type:                   Unique voucher code

Product description

Gift Card by Samdam

You don’t know exactly what to choose for that special occasion? Surprise them with a special Gift Card from Samdam, so they can buy anything they want.

How to send the Gift Card?

  • ✓ Setup the desired value of the Gift Card
  • ✓ Enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to send it to
  • ✓ Enter a personalized message for the e-mail that will contain the voucher code
  • ✓ In a short time you will get the payment confirmation and the receiver will get the code in its e-mail inbox (in some rare cases it can take up to 24h)


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