High Sierra's story

A trend setter in the casual bag market in the United States, High Sierra designs versatile outdoor bags and adventure lifestyle gear for people who enjoy exploring the world in comfort. The fresh-looking casual travel bags feature youthful designs and a multitude of features that contribute to the practicality and durability of the bags.


Founded in 1978 by the outdoor fan Hank Bernbaum, the High Sierra brand was named after the Sierra Nevada mountains, the tall trees, large waterfalls and massive mountain peaks serving as inspiration in the creation of these bags.


The brand promotes an active and adventurous lifestyle, and aims to create rugged travel luggage, urban backpacks, outdoor gear, school suitcases and lady handbags that are resistant, comfortable, qualitative and affordable. The purpose of High Sierra’s varied range of products is to serve people and to meet the needs of their multifaceted lives, with adventures on the trail or to the office, adventures to school and on the road.


Combining urban lifestyle with the love of nature, High Sierra’s backpacks, adventure luggage and sports bags give you the freedom to travel anywhere in comfort and ease, with all the essentials by your side.


Committed to creating casual and outdoor bags with distinctive details, High Sierra opts for designs that emphasize the function of the products without compromising the aesthetics and practicality of products. As the brand’s tagline says, the bags are created for people who are always ready to adventure their way, to engage in adventurous journeys and immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding nature, enjoying the fabulous views and living lives full of daring dreams.