Founded in 1963 by Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn, Oilily started as a brand for children. Unlike other companies which were producing mostly clothes in grey, white and black, Oilily’s line of clothing for children was colorful, joyful and spectacular. From its beginnings, the company distinguished itself through daring and original color combinations, mixing tones in surprising ways and adding humorous details for an extra touch of personality.


Made of high quality materials, the Oilily clothes were creative and unique, and most importantly, were designed for kids. This approach attracted a multitude of fans worldwide, and the crazy combinations of colors, fabrics and textures became the brand’s signature. Seeing the success of their kids’ collections, the designers behind the loved brand decided to launch a revolutionary women’s collection. The two main elements defining the brand, creativity and bold color combinations, were maintained in the adult clothing line as well, but in order to make their clothes really stand out, the designers brought in new, imaginative prints and unusual texture combinations.


As the brand continued to expand and gain new fans, a bags and accessories line was launched, and in 2001 the company stepped into the home decoration segment as well. The lovely Oilily bags and accessories were feminine, captivating and irresistible, and captured the eye through their delicate designs, floral prints and pastel tones. But for fans to really experience the Oilily brand - creative, original and untamed, a stage was needed, so in 15 years time, the company opened 300 exclusive stores all over the world.