Upright 64 cm black Samsonite Aeris

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Upright 64 cm black from Samsonite's Aeris collection, made of lightweight polypropylene, featuring a 3-point locking system with TSA function.

The safety of your belongings is guaranteed by the fixed 3-digit combi lock with TSA, while the divider pad with pocket in the top compartment and the adjustable ribbons in the bottom compartment keep all items in place during the transportation and rough baggage handling in airports.

TSA locking system

Features description

Category  Hardside
Wheels  2 wheels
Wheels Type  Large wheels
Wheel Handle  Monotube, single-stage
Handles  Top & side handles
Lock  Fixed 3-digit combi lock with TSA
Divider Pad  In the top compartment, with pocket
Ribbons  In the bottom compartment, adjustable


Colour  Black
Material  HS Polypropylene
Dimension  49.0 x 65.0 x 28.0 cm
Volume  64.50 L
Weight  4.10 kg
Warranty  Limited 10 year global warranty

Product description

Fashionable, lightweight and spacious, the Samsonite Aeris Upright luggage stands out among other products in its category not only through its aerodynamic shape and stylish detailing, but also through the high-quality features, that ensure maximum comfort, safety and convenience while traveling. A modern product with a clean and classic appearance, the Upright luggage from the Aeris generation incorporates all the consecrated Samsonite technology and design elements, being an excellent choice for business trips and fashion-related events, as well as for cultural trips is cozy, stylish cities.


The Samsonite upright 64 cm baggage is by far the most elegant product on the market in this category, the attention to detail and the stylish, design-protected texture of the polypropylene case contributing to an enchanting visual experience and recommending this luggage to any fashion and design lover. The exclusive external appearance and the lightness of the polypropylene case complement each other nicely, giving birth to a modern Upright luggage that has all it takes to put you in the spotlight while traveling.


With its fresh and vibrant colors, its curved but rough cuts and the delicate and modern detailing, the Samsonite Aeris Upright 64 cm vivid blue luggage is equipped with the proper technology for safe and convenient traveling. Available in 7 different colors – Vivid blue, Racing green, Purple, Cielo blue, Red, Lemon and Black, the Upright model features 2 large wheels for easy transportation as well as a monotube, single-stage wheel handle and top and side handles for easy grip.


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