Samdam Retail is a recognized distributor of travel bags, handbags, leather goods and accessories, all products in our store being carefully selected to meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, design, performance and reliability. Below you can find some of the brands we distribute.

One of the most innovative luggage manufacturers in the world, Samsonite has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by introducing new materials, creating new designs and coming up with revolutionary solutions and concepts. Today, the internationally recognized brand offers a wide range of travel luggage, business and casual bags, leather products, personal accessories and even a line of luggage for kids, created in partnership with Disney.

The state-of-the-art technologies, attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are visible in all these luggage collections and recommend Samsonite’s products to anyone looking to get the best value for money. Modern or classical, made of hard or soft materials, Samsonite’s bag stand out through their incredible lightness, strength and durability, enhanced safety features and stylish detailing that transform these pieces of luggage into sophisticated travel accessories, suitable for both business and casual trips.

Founded in 1933, American Tourister is another pioneer in the industry, being the first brand to create a moulded luggage in 1965. Also, the brand was the first to test their travel bags with flight attendants for major airlines. Today, American Tourister creates lightweight and durable hard-sided bags and soft-sided pieces of luggage that stand out through their youthful and fresh design, pleasant color combinations and well-structured compartments.

More affordable than other similar products, the high quality bags are embedded with distinctive traits, being designed for worry-free leisure trips. Versatile and practical, the travel bags from American Toursiter continue to be improved with each new line of products, creating one of the most trusted luggage brands around the world.

High Sierra was established in 1978, being renowned for its youthful and trendy bags. Whether it's sports, adventure, business or school, you can always find a bag to suit your needs and taste. The high quality products made by High Sierra are versatile and innovative, being equipped with features that make them comfortable, safe and durable.

Available in various styles and designed for purposes like business and office use, leisure travel, outdoor adventures, family trips, gym use or daily use, the bags can easily make you stand out and add a touch of color and fun to your outfit. The latest collections from High Sierra include urban packs, backpacks, sportive packs, hydration and frame packs for outdoor activities, office and wheeled backpacks, school items and shoulder bags

Disney by Samsonite is an innovative collection of bags for kids, designed in partnership with Disney. The magical characters of Disney embellish the iconic pieces of luggage from Samsonite, creating delightful and charming travel bags and school items that capture the hearts of both children and parents.

Disney’s most beloved characters – Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Disney Princesses, Pixar Cars, Disney Planes and Marvel’s heroes Spiderman and The Avengers – are all featured on the ergonomic and durable luggage, resulting in a line of state-of-the-art products for kids. The attention to detail that is specific for all Samsonite products guarantees that parents will send their kids to school with safe bags, while the resistant and lightweight trolleys enable families to travel in comfort without neglecting the personality and style preferences of their children.

Castelijn & Beerens was founded in 1945 by two craftsmen, Walter Castelijn and Marinus Beerens. In the early years, the brand’s production was focused on handbags, belts, serviettes and schoolbags, which were produced from high quality leather, with a lot of attention to detail. The leather scraps were used for crafting wallets and watch straps

As the brand’s production extended, other small leather goods like key cases, purses and agenda were added to the production line, the Castelijn & Beerens bags and accessories being known for their elegant designs, soft lines, classy colors and durability. Today, the company produces fashionable women’s bags and exclusive business bags, quality and uniqueness remaining the defining traits of the Castelijn & Beerens leather bags.

Founded in 1952 by Monte Goldman, the lifestyle brand Eastpak started its journey in the world of bags as Eastern Canvas Products USA Inc. The company was initially producing bags and packs for the US military, its early line of products including duffels, backpacks and safety equipment.

Starting with 1976, Goldman’s son Mark joined the company, and the direction changed dramatically. A free-thinking pianist fresh out of college, Mark brought a new vision to the company’s retail line, which was transformed into the consumer brand Eastpak. Noticing the popularity of army issue bags among college students, he decided to launch the first line of backpacks, duffels and shoulder bags for the consumer market.

The military-inspired line was an overnight success and encouraged Goldman to continue exploring this niche, which flourished into a business. In 1981, Norman Jacobs joined the company, and soon Eastpak became the brand of choice on the East Coast. In 1984, the company introduced its famous Lifetime warranty, and one year later it started using flashy prints and bright colors in their bags, Eastpak being the first brand to incorporate the wild style of the ‘80s into their consumer line.

This movement marked the brand’s evolution from outdoor and military bags to urban lifestyle and casual bags. Renowned for their quality and durability, the Eastpak bags were standing out not only through their bolder and more original style, but also through the brand’s provocative advertising campaigns of the mid-1980s. In 1986, Eastpak crossed the Atlantic, launching its distribution activities in France. Together with Kostia Belkin, Mark Goldman and Norman Jacobs set up a business that opened the doors for other successful European collaborations.