For a travel addict, nothing feels better than exploring new places, eating like the locals, learning about different cultures and getting lost in the backstreets of a warm and cozy city that feels like home. To nourish the soul of a traveler, travel is needed, so here’s a list of inspiring travel blogs to temporarily satisfy your wanderlust.


“The world’s too big to tell just one story”, so grab your backpack and allow yourself to be a little adrift! The blog’s founder, Shannon O’Donnell, has started traveling around the world in 2008. Born in Florida, the former actress and current speaker, writer and traveler decided to leave behind a promising acting career and travel for a whole year, volunteering and supporting communities along the way.

Four years after she made this decision, her first book The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook was born. Shannon’s blog, A little adrift, evolved from travelogue to an useful and inspiring resource for travelers, motivating, encouraging and inspiring adventurers through advice photography and stories. Visit the blog if you want to read about the staggering beauty of Rwanda, if you need help planning a trip to Nepal, crave something sweet like the delicious Czech traditional desserts or want to learn about the museums and tourist sites in Amsterdam.

From practical advice for planning long-term trips and resources for living and working abroad, to stories about the culture, food and hidden gems of the visited cities, you can find everything travel-related on the A little adrift blog. And to make it even better, Shannon’s Instagram account is a delight to the eyes.

Shannon O'Donnell


“Travel. Better. Cheaper. Longer” … and know exactly what you shouldn’t miss in your destination city by following Matt in his exciting trips. His travel guide to Netherlands gives excellent information on accommodation options, typical costs for food, transportation and activities, as well as tips for saving money and recommendations for local events and must-see places.

And that’s not all you can find on Nomadic Matt‘s travel blog. The website is an excellent resource for people who want to teach English overseas and are looking for friendly destinations, and a helpful resource for those who are interested in purchasing camera gear for their trips: the experienced traveler gives valuable pieces of advice to help one choose the best piece of equipment out there.



“Every trip is a voyage of discovery” … says Irene on her travel blog. If you’re dreaming about going to Paris and getting lost in museums, exhibitions and wonderful coffee shops, this visual Parisienne story will satisfy your desire for a moment. Irene’s articles are filled with joy and happiness and capture the beauty of the traveled cities in a fun and insightful way, so take a look at her blog if you want to read about Bruges, Copenhagen or Venice, if you’re planning a trip to Malmo or are looking for reasons to visit Frankfurt or Moscow.



If you’re a lady who knows that “getting out of town is a beautiful thing”, you must take a look at Travel Belles, where three beautiful and courageous women share their exciting travel stories and useful tips. Meet Margo, who’s favorite destinations are Provence and Piedmont, loves road trips and has the talent of finding hidden gems in all the cities she visits. Her article on European Christmas markets will make you want to book some airplane tickets right away!

Krista, who’s favorite destinations are the Balkans, Italy, Amsterdam and Russia, writes about her lovely spring journey to Corfu, and posts stunning pictures from her road trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Katy, the UK editor, loves Portugal, Spain and Andean South America and writes about chocolate and castles in Astorga, Spain, about solo traveling, culture and coffee in Berlin and the most beautiful cafe in the world: the New York Cafe in Budapest.

Follow their Instagram account by clicking on the picture below!



Duncan is the founder of Urban Travel Blog, one of those places on the Internet where you return over and over again for wonderful travel pictures, insightful city guides and practical travel tips. Heading to Barcelona for a couple of days? Check out Duncan’s visual story and recommendations, and make sure to add these streets on your must-see list. Summer may be over, but an unforgettable city break in Ljubljana is always a good idea, and if you love history, a trip to Krakow is one of the best presents you can give yourself. Make sure to visit Schindler’s Factory and to book tickets for Auschwitz as well, these are experiences you don’t want to miss!



Tales of travel and transformation, this is what you’ll find on Mariellen Ward‘s travel blog. An award-winning blog dedicated to “the kind of travel that changes you”, this website is filled with authentic and adventurous stories from exotic places like India or Nepal, and meaningful pieces of advice for solo and first-time travelers. Join Mariellen in her breathtaking journeys and satisfy your wanderlust with travel pictures that will capture your eyes and heart.



Torre, the Fearful Adventurer, is “hopelessly devoted to words, art, travel, and the search for meaning”. A writer who travels, Torre takes wonderful travel pictures, like these ones from the Sailing the South Pacific album, and talks about the country that captured her heart in joyful phrases that perfectly match the warmth and freshness of the pictures.



The Young Adventuress Liz Carlson tells you how to get paid to travel the world, posts stunning pictures of the Great Barrier Reef from above and talks about the reasons she quit her job to travel. If sailing in Greece and Italy, riding horses in Mongolia, sleeping under Australia’s forever-blue skies and chasing elves in Iceland sounds tempting, I encourage you to browse through her travel stories – you’ll find a lot of ideas for your travel bucket list!



Planning a longer trip to Europe? Take a look at the savvy backpacker’s list of places to see and things to do while on the Old Continent. James and Susan are European backpackers who give useful pieces of advice for planning trips and traveling on a budget. They tell their stories through inspiring pictures and write informative articles about the daily costs of visiting popular European destinations. These are the daily costs for visiting Bruges!


Steph’s Travel is that kind of travel blog that makes you want to quit your office job right now and spend all your savings on plane tickets and accommodation. Given the temperature outside, I would gladly switch places with travelers who were inspired by Stephanie’s stories and are enjoying hot air balloon rides in Turkey or are enjoying the sunny beaches in Thailand these days. Oh, and here’s a list of 30 things to do before you turn 30 (traveling included)! Follow her on Instagram for beautiful travel pictures and videos.



Robert from Leave your daily hell did what we all dream about, but don’t have courage to do: quit the 9 to 5 job, escape the urban jungle and travel the world. Seeking out freedom, adventure and meaning, he started his blog in 2009, aiming to inform, entertain, inspire and empower travelers to do the same thing. Leave your daily hell has beautiful collections of travel pictures, itineraries and ideas for city breaks or longer trips like this journey to Romania.



Next on our list of travel blogs is Y Travel, a website that invites you to travel more often and create better memories. Whether you’re looking for things to do in Munich or for ideas for a short trip to Estonia, this blog is a great resource and has a lot of useful and practical tips. Learn how to dress when traveling to conservative countries, how to keep your hair clean while traveling and how to find cheap flights. Got 5 extra minutes? Check this guide for a city break in Prague (my favorite city).



The glamour of Dresden is perfectly illustrated by the Zwinger, an impressive building built between 1709 and 1732, with beautiful baroque architecture. The Loire Valley in France is home to the charming Chateau du Rivau, a building dating from the 13th century, with luxury, breathtaking decors. Continue your virtual trip with a city break in Copenhagen, Europe’s most liveable city.

Read about these amazing European destinations and discover even more places that will capture your heart on The Slow Road, a travel blog that is an inexhaustible resource for wanderers.



Ever wondered how to make a living traveling the world? Christy and Scott from Ordinary Traveler are living a traveler’s greatest dream! Their journey started in 2006, when they decided to embrace the adventurous life and to document their trips for those who need trip ideas and travel tips for unforgettable holidays.

After 10 years of traveling the world, Christy wrote down her best 25 travel tips, make sure to check her list before packing your suitcase for the next trip! Don’t miss the Ultimate travel guide to Belgium, and take a look at the useful tips for planning a trip to Scotland’s Herbides. Finally, to satisfy your wanderlust, go to their Instagram account, it’s filled with inspiring photos!



If it’s about lunch time where you live, you probably wouldn’t mind tasting some delicious Italian desserts like the ones recommended by Keith from Velvet Escape. Or maybe you’d prefer wandering on the streets of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico – the warm colors of the old cobblestone streets, the crowded local shops with handmade souvenirs and the beautiful contemporary hotels will make you want to return to this friendly place again and again.


We’ll continue with Part 2, but until then, I’d like to know if you have a personal or a favorite travel blog. If you do, please feel free to share it in a comment!

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