Just yesterday we included Nomad into our wide range of luggage brands. This awesome brand attracts people from all over the world, and therefore we are stoked to share the story and the products of Nomad with you! If you love taking adventurous trips then Nomad is the brand for you!

Nomad crew standing on a forest road with a van while sunlight shines upon them


Nomad originates from the country of our northern neighbors: the Netherlands. The journey of Nomad begins in a small town called Zevenaar, where a Swedish company started to develop a new production line for synthetic duvets in 1965.

This is were the name Polydaun was brought to life, a combination of the words poly and down (daun).

Polydaun was able to capture a very large part of the market, as they used refreshing colors on their products instead of the ‘boring’ colors that their competitors were using.

At the time those competitors were only using dark shades of the colors green, blue and brown. Polydaun was a pioneer in the market by using more vibrant colors and color combinations on their products.

By differentiating themselves through color, having a refreshing approach to the market, and exploiting their great business instincts Polydaun was way ahead of the competition from the get go.

This is how Polydaun attained a leading position in the outdoor market.

A few years after the company was founded, they developed the currently world famous 3D Polarsoft filling using innovations and progressive ideas.

With this new development Polynaum was able to produce compact, lightweight and affordable sleeping bags. This was the moment Nomad was born!

Traveler standing on a hill with his backpack on looking in the distance on a volcanic island


Nomad was founded as a subsidiary of Polydaun by Bob Kooijmans in 1978. Since then Nomad has set the tone for adventure.

The first Dutchman to reach the top of Mount Everest was supported by Nomad gear.

Furthermore, the first Dutchman to reach the North Pole was sponsored by Nomad in the Nomad North Pole ’97 Expedition.

His name was Marc Cornelissen, and together with four others he formed an adventurous group to take on this incredible, yet dangerous journey.

The expedition started from Resolute Bay, Canada, where the temperature was -47 degrees Celsius at the time. This would only drop even more during their travels, though.

From their starting point they would have to cover 771 km as the crow flies to reach their destination. However, the total amount of kilometers that had to be covered didn’t turn out to be as expected…

Approximately halfway through, a storm forms above the polar area, and the group was forced to set up their tents and sit through the storm.

After a few days of being trapped in their tents, the polar ice cap on which the group was seemed to have drifted off 110 km. This was a major set back.

As the group could only be picked up from the North Pole during a certain time period, this incident might have made it impossible for them to reach their destination in time.

They couldn’t be delayed anymore… They had to pick up the pace.

In the end, Marc and his travel companions successfully reached the North Pole in time after traveling for 70 days, covering about 1100 km in total.

The group was picked up by an airplane and traveled home safely.



What started as a sleeping bag manufacturer eventually transformed into a marketing and sales company, but Nomad always stayed true to their essence;

“We are nomadic; fully independent and always on the move to meet any adventure that awaits us”.

Young man and woman sitting near a camp fire in the desert while drinking tea with a local with their Nomad backpacksNomad is an incredible brand that offers outdoor products of high quality. Besides bags and luggage they also sell sleeping bags and pads, tents, apparel and accessories.

They have a very strong believe about their products:

“At Nomad, we believe that good products will guide you on all your travel adventures, year after year. Four decades after Nomad started its own journey, many of our early products are still loyal travel companions today”.

With this brand an entirely new level of passion is brought to the table, just for you! The team behind Nomad has tested their products very thoroughly themselves during adventurous experiences.

This is why they clearly are in a position to state the following:

“The world is our playing field. We facilitate and stimulate our customers from around the globe to seek and cherish unconventional adventures. Small or big, close by or far away. Unique and memorable experiences are just around the corner. Use your imagination, experience your own adventure and let our gear guide you on your unique journey”.

Young man and woman standing on a hill in front of a view of the horizon at sunsetNOMAD BAGS

So what do the backpacks of Nomad look like?

Here are a few of the many models to give you an idea:


Nomad Sahara 65L WF backpack Steel


The Sahara 65L WF backpack Steel of Nomad is a spacious backpack suited for active backpack and hike vacations.

It’s the female version of the Karoo 70L backpack of Nomad.

This backpack is specifically designed for the female body, which is why it’s the optimal travel companion for ladies!


Nomad Clay Jr. 7L backpack Sun CoralNOMAD CLAY JR. 7L BACKPACK SUN CORAL

The Clay Jr. 7L backpack Sun Coral of Nomad is a small, compact backpack suited for daily activities for which you want to pack light.

Looking for another color? We also got the Clay Jr. backpack Steel!


Nomad Velocity 32L backpack PhantomNOMAD VELOCITY 32L BACKPACK PHANTOM

The Velocity 32L backpack Phantom of Nomad is a roomy laptop bag for everyday use.

The backpack is also available in the colors dark blue, grey and olive.

It’s the bigger version of the Velocity 24L backpack.


Nomad Express 20L backpack OliveNOMAD EXPRESS 20L BACKPACK OLIVE

The Express 20L backpack Olive of Nomad is a multi functional backpack suited for sports, leisure, work and college.

This backpack is also available in the colors phantom, dark blue, grey and verde.


Love to see more? Check out an overview of all the Nomad backpacks that we offer!



In order to keep your very own Nomad backpack in a good state and take good care of it, you can use these cleaning instructions as guidelines:

  • In case you got mud or dirt on your backpack, let it dry before you try to clean it. After the bag is dry you can wipe off the mud or dirt with a soft brush.
  • If there are any oil or grease stains on your product it’s best to remove them using lukewarm water, a sponge or a soft brush, and some soft soap. Don’t scrub too hard or use aggressive soap, because it can damage your backpack by affecting the coating (resulting in the bag becoming less waterproof). That’s why we also don’t advise you to wash your bag in the washing machine, put it in the dryer, or use chemicals or bleach to clean it.
  • After this you should rinse the backpack very well using lukewarm or cold water.
  • Let it slowly dry without placing it close to a heat source or directly in the sunlight.
  • If it’s necessary you can use an impregnating product afterwards to treat your bag with, making it become more water and dirt repellent again.
  • Always keep your Nomad backpack in a dry place. Moisty environments can result in mold, so make sure you store your bag in a suited space.



Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

I hope that you are as excited about this new brand as we are, and that this new collection offers luggage that really suits your needs.

With the very versatile backpacks and the rich history of the brand, Nomad will certainly win your love!

If you haven’t already, go check out our new Nomad collection, and decide which backpack will accompany you on your unique journey. It’s time to start your own adventure!

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