When you usually hear the word “backpack”, you are inclined to think of a container in which you quickly stuff some clothes and small items and then grab it to escape the crowded, busy life in the city. Not necessarily. Men backpacks may prove to be more than just a container in which your clothes get wrinkled.

They can also serve multiple purposes. But let’s take it step by step. We should first establish the length of a journey a backpack is suitable for. More precisely, we will provide you some useful information about the criteria that makes a men backpack the best choice, be it for one-week trips, weekend trips, day trips, or a few hours walk around the city.


Appearance is as important to men as is to women. Therefore, men are also interested in matching their accessories with the outfit they are wearing and with the style they prefer. If you’re up for the casual wear, a backpack would go perfectly well and would make you look well-dressed carrying at the same time a useful and functional accessory.

Even if wearing only a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the backpack you choose to match to your casual outfit should belong to the same style. Moreover, if you are wearing casual clothes, this means you have considered taking a few hours walk into the city or going into a day trip, or even a weekend trip. The question is how the best casual backpack should look like in order to be attractive, comfortable and practical.

First of all, such backpack should be ergonomic and comfortable. Since you will probably spend some time carrying it, it should be back-friendly and easy to wear. This could be achieved through comfortable padded straps, easily adjustable depending on your body fit. Then, it should be equipped with a back panel, preferably padded, so that your back is protected while transporting the backpack, especially when it is heavy.

casual-backpack-man-samsoniteAs for the practical side, you will most certainly need a number of interior and exterior pockets in order to keep your items well organized. A couple of exterior pockets of different sizes would be useful to provide you easy access to your items without having to open the larger interior pocket.  And if you don’t want to be surprised by bad weather, you should as well consider choosing a backpack made of waterproof material.

Last but not least, a laptop compartment could be really helpful if you want to stay connected or if you need to travel by train for a few hours and you want something to keep you occupied all along the journey.

If you intend to accessorize your outfit with a casual backpack, you might be interested in the products offered by our online store. For instance, we suggest you take a look at our Samsonite Paradiver backpack, which belongs to a collection of travel bags inspired by skydiving.  This backpack will lend you a sporty and dynamic appearance, while you travel in complete comfort, thanks to its extreme lightness.

Made of polyurethane, the Paradiver features padded adjustable backpack straps for better mobility, as well as an adjustable sternum strap. It is equally equipped with a laptop compartment to keep your computer safe while traveling. The functionality of the backpack is completed with a series of practical pockets/compartments for documents and other items.

When you feel like embracing the city vibe on a casual day at work, you could consider choosing an urban backpack such as the High Sierra UrbanPack, an extremely light rucksack with dual flap, equipped with laptop compartment and tablet sleeve, with a beautiful minimalist design. Ideal to accommodate all your belongings on your way to and back from the office.


Slightly different from the casual ones, office backpacks have to fit your office attire and meet a series of demands businessmen have when looking for some of the best options available on the market. If in the case of a casual backpack the laptop and gadget compartments can be absent, for office backpacks such feature is mandatory. Moreover, they are often used as pieces of luggage; therefore they should meet the IATA recommendations for cabin luggage restrictions regarding dimension and weight. However, if you are tempted in adopting a more corporate style, a messenger bag would also prove ideal.

ergobiz-samsonite-backpack-menIn terms of appearance, office backpacks match a rather formal outfit and style, so the range of colors is mostly limited to black and brown or other darker tones, unlike casual backpacks, especially since we are dealing with men accessories.

As for the functional side, such backpack must be the definition of a strong, protective bag equipped with smart pockets and compartments in order to facilitate your daily busy life. Detailing also counts. Thus, minimalist and high-quality material details are those which best define an office backpack.

Our Ergo-Biz laptop backpack meets all the criteria mentioned above, providing other extra features as well. More precisely, this cabin luggage is equipped with a smart sleeve to allow you to stabilize it on top of a suitcase and reduces stress on your back thanks to the back support.

This office backpack provides easy access to your travel documents by means of the smart organization which also includes pockets, laptop and tablet compartments, as well as a phone pocket. In terms of functional details, the backpack features an elegant top handle made of leather, perfectly fit for business attire.

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