Finding the right balance between your job and private life can be pretty hard sometimes. Nowadays, lots of jobs are very time-consuming, and do not leave you with much free time. Time has become more valuable than ever before. In response to this, a new travel trend has emerged to compensate for the increasing amount of hours that you have spent working. This trend is called bleisure.

Young woman with a hat and backpack using laptop computer on a beach while laying down.Bleisure

The word ‘bleisure’ is a combination of business and leisure, implying the extension of a business trip by a few days to enjoy the environment of the destination. This trend originates from 8 years back, when taking a bleisure trip started to become more common among business people.

These days choosing between traveling for business or leisure is a problem that is occurring less. More people than ever before are combining the two kinds of trips.

According to the Travel Weekly’s 2016 Consumer Trends the percentage of leisure trips that are combined with business increased to 17%, while it was 14% in 2015 and only 11% in 2012. claims that over 2017 approximately 49% of the business trips have evolved to this trend.

Reasons to go on bleisure trips

But why should you go on a bleisure trip? Well, I can give you a couple of reasons for that:

  • The average ticket prices for flights have gone down over the last few years, making it more affordable to travel. People are now even taking a friend with them to enjoy some vacation days with right after they have attended to their business.
  • For a lot of business trips the flight home is scheduled on a Friday. However, flights on Fridays are often more expensive than flights on Saturday or Sunday. So, extending your trip by a day or two might reduce ticket prices even more, and this translates into cost savings for your company.
  • Traveling has become more popular in general, and bleisure trips are following this trend as well. With ticket prices going down and the flight service that keeps improving, the amount of bleisure trips will steadily grow as well. This might provide you with more opportunity to also go on such a trip yourself.
  • Most of the top destinations for business trips harbor environments that are rich on culture. This invites business travelers to enrich themselves by learning from these places, and to spend some time exploring what the destination has to offer.
  • Time is becoming more valuable. So, blending the two worlds together assures efficient use of time. Moreover, new business destinations tend to shift more towards resort-type locations making it easier for you to schedule some vacation days after your days of attending to business.
  • Businesses are adjusting to this growing trend, and are providing employees with the opportunity to go on bleisure trips. Moreover, businesses are providing visiting business people with more information about recreational activities around the business destination.

Current demographics

The amount of bleisure trips has been increasing, as the presence of millenials in the workforce have been doing as well. They seem to be the driving demographic group of this mix of travel motives.

Millenials want to do as much as they can as early as they can, and with their limited financial resources bleisure trips seem to be the solution.

Besides, more and more millenials are starting to see long vacations as ‘lost time’. So going on a bleisure trip is a great idea, as it allows for finding your own balance of work and leisure that makes you happy.

Another large group of people that is currently going on bleisure trips contains people who are in their late fourties or beginning fifties. People from this age category are still very active professionally, but they are also able to take it easy sometimes and enjoy some off days.

Bleisure bags

A bleisure trip sounds like the healthy balance of spending your time in a foreign country. But what kind of bags should you pack if you want to be ready for days of both business and leisure?

You are going to want to take a bag that is sophisticated and smart, but also trendy and hip. It can be difficult to find such bags, but don’t you worry. I have made a selection of well-balanced bags for this specific kind of trip to use as inspiration.

You can click on the images for more information, or you can look for the suitable bag in our webshop.


Lipault Lady Plume laptop bailhandle

Lipault Lady Plume laptop bailhandle 15.6 inch anthracite grey
Color: anthracite grey


Lipault Plume Elegance laptop backpack

Lipault Plume Elegance laptop backpack M cognac
Color: cognac


Lipault Plume Elegance round backpack

Lipault Plume Elegance round backpack S ruby red
Color: ruby


Lipault Plume Elegance laptop bailhandle

Lipault Plume Elegance laptop bailhandle black
Color: black



Tommy Hilfiger Light Nylon backpack

Tommy Hilfiger Light Nylon backpack Tommy navy
Color: Tommy navy


Samsonite GT Supreme bailhandle

Samsonite GT Supreme bailhandle 15.6 inch expandable grey/black
Color: grey & black


Eastpak The One crossover

Eastpak The One crossover brown leather
Color: brown leather


Tommy Hilfiger Diagonal Mini crossover

Tommy Hilfiger Diagonal Mini crossover black
Color: black

Future expectations

The evolution of bleisure travel was inevitable and it had to hit the travel industry sooner or later. By the looks of things this new travel trend will only grow even larger.

More and more businesses are globalizing, and traveling keeps getting more affordable and feasible in this dynamic environment.

Organizations worldwide have started to stimulate bleisure trips and are now seeing the mutual benefit from the new travel trend.

Hotels and other accommodations are also tapping into this by providing incoming business travelers with more information about the local culture, environment and activities.

So, get ready to pack your bags and experience your own bleisure trip in this ever changing world of travel!

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