Used exclusively by Samsonite for its hard-sided collections of travel bags, the Curv material is a revolutionary concept in thermoplastics, which bridges the gap between traditional fiber-reinforced materials and commodity plastics. Extra light but strong, Curv has transformed the way luggage is crafted, bringing back ease and comfort to traveling.

A self-reinforced material, Curv is made of high performance 100% polypropylene fibers which are incorporated in a matrix of the same material. About 5 times stronger than conventional polypropylene shells, Curv cases have an impressive impact resistance and are stiff enough to keep their shape and protect the packed goods during the rough baggage handling procedures in airports.

Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Curv cases perform great even at temperatures as low as -189 degrees Celsius. The creation of this material begins with virgin polypropylene granules, which are melted down and stretched in very thin sheets. The sheets are further cut into fine strands, about 1 cm wide, which are woven together like cotton fibers, to create lightweight but incredibly strong fabric sheets.

The next step consists in layering and melting together several of the woven polypropylene sheets, which are eventually hot compressed and form the well-known Curv material used for Samsonite luggage.

The attractive appearance and nature-inspired designs of the stylish suitcases recommend these bags for both business and leisure trips, the specially molded shells being not only elegant and comfortable to transport but also designed to minimize surface contact. This means that the sensitivity to scratch is lower and your belongings are well protected, although if the exterior case is thin.

Given that the fibers have a very low density, the pieces of luggage made with Curv technology are lightweight even when they have added features like shoes or wet pockets, cushioned divider pads for laptop compartments or garment sleeves.

Eye-catching and available in a wide range of colors and styles, the sleek Curv suitcases have beautiful exterior patterns, smooth wheels and resistant wheel handles. To keep your belongings safe, the bags are equipped with either TSA locks or 3-point lock systems, and feature waterproof zippers.


Cosmolite is one of Samsonite’s Curv collection, a line of hard-sided suitcases with an iconic look, nature-inspired design and elegant colors. The fine pattern of the shells and the detailing on locks, wheels, handles and zippers add style to the revolutionary Curv bags, which are not only esthetically appealing but also lightweight, resistant and comfortable.

Lite-Biz is the first collection made with Curv material which has a three-point locking system. A dedicated cabin collection, Lite-Biz comes with a series of travel bags with front pocket for fast access to travel documents and electronic gadgets. Modern and strong, the Curv suitcases are extremely versatile and easy to handle, being perfect for business trips.

Lite-Cube DLX, the luxury version of Samsonite’s classic collection Lite-Cube, consists of rich, deluxe suitcases decorated with sophisticated leather and stitching details. Available in metallized aluminium with toffee accents and elegant black tones, the bags have full-option interior compartments, with smart packing frame, shoe and laundry bag and removable wet pocket.

Lite-Shock, one of Samsonite’s newest collections of lightweight travel bags, stands out through its minimalist design, metallic colors and beautiful wavy exterior pattern. Designed for traveling in style and comfort, the hard-sided collection has high shock resistance and a series of safety features that keep your belongings in perfect condition even in unfriendly weather.

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