We are always looking for passionate travelers who love to write and tell others about their journeys! If you would like to write travel articles for us, to inspire others and share your unforgettable memories and insightful travel stories with our readers, we’d be glad to feature your articles on our blog!

Article requirements and compensation

Submissions should be original and not posted anywhere else. We accept mostly articles written in English but are also open to posts written in French and Dutch. We prefer articles of 500-700 words, but we may also publish longer posts, depending on the topic. Please try to include original pictures of high resolution in your articles.

Please note that these articles are not compensated. We will, however, distribute them on our social media channels, and provide references upon request. Once we accept your story, you will be asked to send us a short bio (20-30 words), a photo of yourself, your blog or website’s link, as well as your @Twitter handle.

Publishing terms

We may not be able to publish your story right away, but you will be added to our waiting list. You will be given credits for your articles, however samdamretail.be will own the copyright for all articles published on our blog. If you would like your submitted stories to be featured on other websites or in print magazines, you will have to specify the original source and to add a link back to our website.

We reserve the right to edit, adjust the article’s style, add highlights, headlines or internal and external links that may be useful for our readers, as well as edit images to fit them to the page. If your photos are considered inappropriate, we reserve the right to replace them with more suitable ones.

In the event that the submitted materials are not original and was published on other websites, or copied from another source, we reserve the right to decline it.

Guidelines for guest posts

write travel articles guest blogWe love insider articles, so the best topics for guest posts are:

– Informative travel articles about destinations and hidden gems in the cities you’ve visited;

– Informative articles that reveal something about the local culture and traditions;

– Inspirational travel articles that immerse the reader in the story and teach a life lesson;

– News about travel events and offers that might be of interest for our readers;

– Tips and recommendations for beginner travelers;

– How-to and educative articles on luggage and travel bags, travel gadgets and tools that might be useful while traveling;

– Photo essays based on a theme, such as 10 destination highlights, 5 things to do in a city and so on;

– Itineraries and travel guides;

Guidelines for promotional articles

From time to time we may publish promotional articles about destinations, places to stay or to eat when traveling, or about services and tools that may be useful for our readers. Paid articles will include only no follow links. Please contact us at marketing@samdamretail.be to discuss the collaboration possibilities.

We may be interested in cross-promotion, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you own a blog or website that is related to the travel industry. If you represent a marketing agency or are a hotel owner, please take a look at our Advertising policy.

Guidelines for product reviews

Given the nature of our website, we do not accept product reviews for luggage and travel bags, however we are interested in reviews of tools and products that may be useful for travelers. Standard articles must be sent with pictures that prove that you own the product and have tested it. For this type of articles we encourage you to submit video stories as well. Please try to submit honest reviews.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Please send your story pitch along with a few words about yourself and a link to your website or blog at marketing@samdamretail.be. We will review your application and get in touch within 24 hours if your idea is a good fit for our blog.

We look forward to reading your meaningful travel stories!