Women accessories always come in a never-ending range of sizes, patterns, materials or types. This is why when you are searching for the right lady handbag, there are a series of steps you should follow and some aspects you should focus on in order not to be overwhelmed with the enormous options on the market. First of all, you should ask yourself what is the purpose that this bag should fulfill. Then, you should establish what your lifestyle is. After finding the right answers, other factors come into play: material, color, design, shape, size and brand.


Let’s take a closer look to a hypothetical situation that requires finding a suitable bag for daily use during your way to and back from the office. Additionally, let’s suppose you have to carry your work laptop with you on a regular basis, or other devices to which you are connected given the nature of your job.

So you will need a spacious and comfortable bag to accommodate your office essentials and keep them organized, therefore it should be also equipped with smart compartments. Ideally, the right office bag should also provide enough space for business papers or folders. Finally, you may want to fit in a snack, a small bottle of water and a few beauty products for freshening up during the day. Having all well packed in a pretty yet practical bag that highlights your style and personality is the final challenge.

An ideal bag that meets the criteria above is the lady tote bag, a functional accessory for business women with busy schedules and dynamic lives as well as high standards in terms of bags. First of all, let’s explain what a lady tote bag is. Briefly, it describes a large 2-handled open-topped bag. Due to its generous size, besides its daily use, it is equally great for travel. For more details on tote bags as luggage, our Beginner’s guide to luggage could be helpful. However, for those of you who would like to have a casual Friday at work and replace their office attire with a casual outfit, they can complete their look with a messenger bag or a backpack.

A classy lady tote bag is usually made of light, high-quality materials, with an ergonomic design which combines style and functionality without being as large as a normal tote bag. Moreover, business women will appreciate the laptop and tablet padded compartments, the smart pockets and the closing mechanisms, not to mention the detailing. Soft leather or branded zippers will definitely offer a touch of elegance to any lady tote and are usually among the details women prefer.

integra-samsonite-lady-toteOur online store offers a selection of lady business totes, made of high-end materials and equipped with useful laptop and tablet compartments, smart pockets to accommodate your phone, pens, or keys, and improved interior organization. Light and stylish, our business totes feature a removable shoulder strap for better mobility and an extra comfort.

If you are looking for a professional business tote for daily use, you might be interested in our Female horizontal tote 14.1” black/black Samsonite GT Supreme or Female tote 15.4” beige/cognac Samsonite Integra. We also provide business totes for travel, equipped with Combi padlocks with TSA function for secure trips to the USA.

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