Whether you realize it or not, a man bag is an important accessory that speaks volume about your style and personality. A well-chosen office bag can make you look professional while a cheap-looking one can compromise your business look, so it’s worth putting in the effort for finding the bag that best matches your office outfit.

A popular option nowadays is represented by messenger bags for men, which have historically been used by couriers, for increased mobility while walking or riding bikes. The main purpose of these bags was to protect the correspondence and other business documents, most men preferring to wear briefcases at the office and during business trips. Once considered strictly a “work” bag, the messenger bag has quickly become a top choice for school, office and casual use, thanks to its versatility and endless styles and design options.

A messenger bag is equipped with a shoulder strap and is usually worn on the shoulder, leaving one’s hands free. Featuring a simpler design at the beginning, messenger bags have undergone radical changes over the years, and today manufacturers produce sophisticated and fashionable messenger bags for men. The contemporary models are more spacious, feature multiple pockets and have a better internal organization, being suitable for more than carrying business and personal documents.

Although the materials vary depending on the producer, all messenger bags are made of soft fabrics, so you won’t find this style of bag in the luggage category. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a travel bag. The messenger bag can be taken on board if traveling by plane, but doesn’t have the versatility of a laptop bag or of a backpack for men. Given below are some suggestions for accessorizing your business outfit with a messenger bag for men, as well as 3 of our favorite bags in this category.


Although the shape of messenger bags is quite standard, there are variations in fabrics, colors and prints, so there’s no wonder prices vary as well. When purchasing a bag for office use, try not to focus on budget and think firstly at how the bag can be integrated with your business wardrobe. Stick to classic business colors like blue, grey, navy, white, black or brown, and avoid bags that are colored in bold shades – those should be reserved for casual occasions.

Classy combos like white and black, or grey and blue, are also nice choices for accessorizing your office wardrobe; as for prints and patterns, it is generally recommended to choose bags that have no detailing, no patterns and no “original” prints. You can express your vibrant personality and style while out and about, but for office use, the messenger bag should be classy and stylish rather than daring or bold.

messenger-bag-men-officeEven if you wear mostly T-shirts at work, it’s preferable to keep the bag as classy as possible. As a general rule, you should choose a messenger bag made of nylon, polyethylene, cotton canvas or other similar materials if your work wardrobe is rather casual; on the other hand, if you wear suits and shirts at the office, you can accessorize your business outfit with a leather messenger bag.

All these materials can be durable, but for a truly resistant bag, leather is the best choice. An office bag made of leather can last a lifetime if you take proper care, and although it tends to be heavier than canvas or nylon bags, it’s also more resistant to scratches and tearing.

If you prefer more fashionable items, an accessory made of top-grain leather or suede should do it. Canvas messenger bags for men are ideal for those who prefer easy-to-care materials and are less concerned with style. Canvas bags can look professional and have the advantage that they’re lighter, as they’re made of natural fibers like cotton, hemp or linen. They can be washed in the washing machine and are a lot more affordable than leather messenger bags.

Nylon messenger bags are made of synthetic fabrics that are treated to maintain their appearance for long periods, even when exposed to unfriendly weather conditions. They’re heavier than canvas bags but lighter than leather ones in most cases, and usually inexpensive, so if you’re on a budget and need a stylish but affordable bag, a nylon serviette with shoulder strap can be a good choice.

Besides colors and materials, you may also be interested in the internal structure of the bag. If you plan to use it daily, it’s preferable to have a built-in laptop compartment and dedicated pockets for writing tools, smartphones, credit and business cards, as well as a front pocket for snacks, water bottles and other items you may want to store individually. Yes, we’re talking about business bags, but if you travel for a conference and have to wait several hours at the airport, having a messenger bag with front pocket for snacks can be extremely useful.

Messenger bags reviews – our top 3 picks

1. A4 messenger 11.6” urban green Samsonite CityVibe

samsonite-cityvibe-messenger-menMade of soft nylon with a discreet degrade print for additional protection on the bottom, the Samsonite messenger bag from the CityVibe collection is ideal for casual office outfits. The bag is equipped with a fixed, padded shoulder strap and features an adjustable strap for increased mobility and comfort. It has lockable zippers and a front pocket on the flap, as well as a second front pocket under the flap, perfect for writing tools. A smaller phone pocket and a slip-in pocket for business cards are found inside the bag’s front compartment.

The Samsonite Cityvibe messenger bag for men has fleece interior lining and a cushioned laptop compartment, which can accommodate a 11.6’’ laptop or tablet. A separate, padded document compartment with reinforced top is also found in the spacious bag, which closes with a flap with magnets and buckle closure. The bag features a smart sleeve at the back, which allows you to stabilize the messenger on top of a trolley when traveling.

2. Laptop messenger 16” black Samsonite Ergo-Biz

samsonite-messenger-ergo-bizWith reinforced EVA side panels for more structure and better protection, the Samsonite laptop messenger bag from the Ergo-Biz line is a classy bag for office. The laptop-friendly bag has a large front pocket with zipper where you can store your personal accessories and snacks, and spacious, cushioned interior compartments. The shoulder strap is adjustable and padded for increased comfort, and the top handle is made of a soft fabric, for a firm and easy grip.

The Samsonite Ergo-Biz messenger bag for men features a smart sleeve for stabilizing the product on top of a trolley when traveling with multiple pieces of luggage, and has a detachable zipped interior pocket for cables and other electronic gadgets. It can accommodate a 16’’ laptop and features several slip-in pockets for smartphone, writing tools and business cards.

3. Messenger bag Napels 35.8 cm majolica blue High Sierra Urban Packs

messenger-bag-high-sierraStill stylish but more casual, the messenger bag from High Sierra’s Urban Packs collection is ideal for those with a free spirit, who prefer lightweight and easy-to-care bags. With its beautiful blue tone and discreet texture, this bag has all it takes to become your favorite accessory for both casual and office use. It is made of denier polyester which is easy to maintain, and has an adjustable, padded shoulder strap, a zipped front pocket for snacks, tickets and items you may want to access more often, as well as a large interior compartment for 14.1” laptops.

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