Roberta di Camerino’s story begins with Giuliana Coen, founder of the brand. The name originated from a combination of the name Roberta, taken from her favourite song “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and Camerino, her husband’s last name.

Roberta di Camerino’s bags have played a leading role in the fashion world for the past fifty years. The bags themselves evoke many stories and emotions. Photographed on Grace Kelly’s arm in 1956, the legendary Bagonghi bag has travelled the world with her. Other devoted fans included Princess Paola of Liège, Liz Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, Isabella Rossellini and Farrah Fawcett. Not forgetting the Caravel bag – which was worn more than once on Madonna’s arm.

Roberta di Camerino’s bags turned out to be a revolution because they were completely different from anything that had been made up until then.

Madame Giuliana Camerino, has collected many awards, prizes for creating and continuing to make the most beautiful handbags in the world. In 1956 she received the prestigious Neiman Marcus “Oscar of Fashion” award. In the 1960s, she was invited by Giambattista Giorgini to present her iconic trompe l’oeil effect pret-à-porter collections at Pitti’s Sala Bianca. Thanks to the Compasso D’Oro Prize in 1979, she achieved the status of designers who know how to radically change the quality of objects.

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