Shopping for business trolleys can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not into classical laptop bags and prefer to carry more clothes with you even when traveling for a short period. Although you are free to choose any type and size of baggage for your business trips, there are some aspects you should consider before investing in a trolley.

For frequent business travelers, ease is the name of the game, so you should always opt for luggage that is light and easy to lift, and that allows you to travel comfortably while being spacious enough to accommodate all your travel essentials. Most cabin bags come with compartments, dividers, pockets and zippers, and some have hangers and ribbons for minimizing wrinkling.

These aren’t the most important features of business trolleys though; what really matters when it comes to business trips is the amount of space that is usable and the presence of a dedicated laptop compartment. Having extra features like shoe compartments and laundry pockets may be nice for someone who wants to travel comfortably, but keep in mind that all these extra details usually increase both the weight and the price of the business trolley.

Given below are some pieces of advice for choosing the proper trolley for business trips. However, if you prefer to travel with a checked baggage and take only a small laptop bag on board, you may find some suggestions in our article Laptop trolley vs. laptop sleeve: protect your laptop while travelling. The Beginner’s guide to luggage may also be a useful read before buying a business trolley.

1. Size of the business bag

If you travel by plane, a cabin luggage is the best option, not only because it’s smaller and lighter but also because it saves time at arrival, as you no longer have to wait for the checked luggage at the baggage carousel. Also, a cabin bag is easier to maneuver and if you choose a trolley with an adjustable wheel handle, you’ll be able to comfortably carry it even if you pack a higher amount of clothes, electronic gadgets or personal care products.

The maximum size for cabin bags varies between airlines, but there are business trolleys that are sized to meet the requirements of most airlines out there. To make sure your baggage is accepted, stick with a suitcase that measures 50 x 35 x 20 cm, or 50 x 40 x 20 cm. Some low-cost companies only accept bags measuring 40 x 35 x 20 cm – in these cases you may want to take a checked baggage with you as well, especially if traveling for more than 2-3 days.

Samsonite trolley 55 cm Lite Locked off whiteSamsonite cabin luggage 55 cm Lite Shock petrol blue

2. Structure and compartments

Business trips have different requirements than casual journeys, and it’s usually preferable to travel with a bag that has an integrated laptop compartment, especially if you carry only one piece of luggage. Most business trolleys have this feature, and are usually equipped with pockets for smartphones as well. Depending on the producer, you may find business bags with or without front pockets for tickets and business documents, but all trolleys come with two internal compartments: one for your laptop or tablet and another one for clothes.

The former compartment can accommodate your business documents as well, while the latter is more appropriate for storing your personal care products and snacks. The weight limit varies from one airline to another but a cabin baggage weighing no more than 8 kg is likely to be accepted on board of most companies.

If you have to travel with suits and your hotel doesn’t offer ironing services, you may want to choose a garment trolley instead, as these are equipped with hanger systems and special compartments for shoes. These bags may or may not contain laptop compartments, but you can solve the problem by purchasing a laptop inlay.

American Tourister rolling tote Atlanta HeightsAmerican Tourister cabin business bag

3. Materials

Even if you travel with hand baggage only, it’s still recommended to invest in a business trolley that is made of durable and impact-resistant materials, instead of picking a bag that looks good but doesn’t do much when it comes to protecting your electronic gadgets.

Hardside business trolleys tend to have fewer compartments and exterior pockets, so if you want to access your tickets or business documents more often during the flight, you may want to choose a softside luggage that has these features.

Soft materials maximize the internal usable space, and can be quite sturdy without losing their flexibility. Hard materials on the other hand have evolved a lot and can also be extremely lightweight and durable. They’re not as flexible as soft materials, but offer better protection for your electronic gadgets.

Samsonite cabin upright 55 cm Pro DLX 4 blackSamsonite trolley cabin sized Lite Cube ivory

4. Frequency and length of your trips

For short business trips of up to 3 days you should be fine with a cabin baggage, but if you travel for more than 3 days you may want to consider investing in a larger luggage, such as the medium sized trolleys available in our webshop. Some models come with integrated garment sleeves and shoe bags, and even if they cost more, they are more suitable for business trips than classic spinners that feature only two basic compartments.

If you travel frequently, you definitely need a smaller baggage – ideally a cabin laptop trolley made of lightweight materials, such as the Samsonite business case with wheels from the Spectrolite line, the GuardIT rolling tote with 17.3” laptop compartment, or the X’Blade 2.0 Garment bag with wheels from Samsonite. Finally, for one-day business trips, conferences and other events that only require your presence for a couple of hours, a laptop backpack may be a more convenient solution.

Garment bag Samsonite cabin-sizedSamsonite business rolling tote tobacco

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